Some Refreshing Videos

So I know that I often get very critical of things here on my blog, but every once in a while a breath of fresh air comes along from somewhere in the aid world from a group of people working to change perceptions.  I recently came across some videos that are worth sharing from an organization called Mama Hope from their campaign titled, “Stop the Pity.  Unlock the Potential.”  If you look at the actual projects that they carry out, they are not that earth-shatteringly unique, but their approach to marketing and awareness within a humanitarian structure is fresh and encouraging.  It gives me hope that the current is shifting  little by little in how we portray people of developing nations.  I don’t have the actual ability to embed these videos in my blog, but please visit the links.  You’ll be glad you did.  They will bring a smile to your face and hopefully inspire you to look at our world in a new light.

African Men. Hollywood Stereotypes

Alex Presents: Commando

Call Me Hope

I’m jealous that I don’t have the technical abilities within my organization right now to make videos like this because I think they’ve definitely got the right ideas.  Mama Hope works exclusively in Africa, with their videos identifiably African, but they expose a reality within the charity world in general of how people are portrayed for the sake of fundraising, or even for entertainment, as discussed in some of my past posts in relation to Haiti.  It’s a discussion that needs to be had, which is why I have my blog, to hopefully pull more people into the discussion and present all sides to some very complex stories.  The side represented in these videos needs emphasized more and I will continue to share examples of beauty like this as I find them.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

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