When God Prays

I’ve asked the question
In times of tragedy before
Does God pray?
Can God pray?
Before the tragedy was my own
This time it falls somewhere else
Yet we all try with efforts in vain
To understand
But no one can tell anyone what anything means
There is no sense to be made
So we look around
We look higher we look within
We look to God and we can pray
We can pray, we can pray
But God knows nothing himself
What can he say?
They say he knows all but not now.
Omnipotent our Creator
But today he dwells
He dwells in our confusion
Our anger our grief
In the “Why did this happen?”
He dwells and he prays
He prays that we would not let this happen again
He prays that we would see what we do to each other
He prays that we would do something to protect his children
His planet his creation
Not knowing who hears his prayers
He sends up earnest pleas
Hoping someone is listening
Or feels or knows what he is praying
Because he does not know what to do
He has lost control of a world he created for good
And now all he can do is pray that it changes
He is God and he tells us to fear not
But today he is scared just the same
We have given God reason to fear
What else does he have to do but pray?
Watch.  Cry.  Pray.
Wait to see what we will do next.
Those who get to Heaven
They show up and they say
“So here I am, where’s God?”
St. Peter signs them in
He says, oh he’s here
He’s at his house down the street
But he doesn’t take guests anymore
He doesn’t sit on his throne
He just sits inside his house
In a dark corner and cries
All the time he cries
What’s he supposed to do?
He’s in danger of dying of heartache
And we’re the cause
If your expectation here
Was to praise him eternally
Sorry to disappoint
But he just doesn’t feel
He deserves it these days
Because there’s still a world in need of love
And he can’t force them to love
He can’t make them see that they are all the same
That there is no you and there is no me
And there is no them because he dwells
In all he dwells
In forms we cannot recognize
His dwelling his prayer
He prays that we’ll hear
That we’ll feel that we’ll know
That we’ll change so tomorrow can be different.


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