The Mission Fashion Pledge

So you want to join the mission fashion revolution with me? It’s simple, just raise your right hand and place the other on your travel guide to whatever country you’re traveling to (if it’s Haiti, then this should be your travel guide), if you don’t have a travel guide then a copy of Vogue or GQ can be substituted, and recite the following fashion pledge:

I Pledge…

  • To not wear cut-off t-shirts, ever.
  • To not wear gym shorts unless going to the gym, to bed, or into the ocean.
  • To not wear work boots that could be mistaken for cargo ships unless somewhere where something heavy could potentially fall on my toe or planning to tromp through deep mud for an extended distance.
  • To not wear matching team t-shirts unless purchased from my hosting organization
  • To not wear anything that I would be ashamed to wear in my home community
  • To wash my feet before going out in public wearing sandals.
  • To not wear anything that may cause flies to swarm around me.
  • To pack some cologne or perfume in my luggage.
  • To wear clothes that fit me appropriately.
  • To be proud of the goods God gave me without putting them on display like fresh fruit for sale at the market.
  • To not wear any t-shirt that has French on it unless I’m French. (Please take a moment to check whether or not you are indeed French before moving on.)
  • To only let little girls braid my hair because I know that it makes them happy, not because I think it looks good on me.
  • To not even entertain the idea of a fanny pack despite its supposed usefulness
  • To not wear socks that raise more than an inch higher than the top of my shoes.
  • To not wear safari gear unless I plan on seeing zebras along the way.
  • To not blame the community’s poverty for why I won’t find a mirror a look in.
  • To not blame the community’s poverty for why I won’t find water to bathe with or wash my clothes.
  • To not blame the community’s poverty for my own choices of how I present myself.
  • To not sacrifice form for function just because I’m changing environments.
  • To carry myself with a humble awareness that I am beautifully and wonderfully made and to dress myself like I believe it.

And, for your convenience, if you would like to print this out to share with your team, here is a PDF version, Mission Fashion Pledge, that you can download.

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