Month: December 2017

Resignation Speech Template for Politician Accused of Sexual Abuse

This week we’ve seen more politicians resign from their jobs in a single week then since the Civil War (when states were seceding) . This all due to their nasty habits of treating women like garbage. I was glad to hear that Al Franken was resigning but was disappointed in his speech, thinking that he really could have used the opportunity to make a much stronger statement and contributed to pushing the issue forward in a bolder way. He didn’t. It was a weak moment that proved we can do better than Al Franken anyway. So, since there’s guaranteed to be more of these resignations coming as soon as other names hit the papers, I thought I’d go ahead and provide a suggested template for any politician to use when making their announcement.

Good Morning to all of my fellow colleagues here in the [Senate, House, wherever].

I’ve asked for the opportunity to speak here today because as we all know, over the last couple of months our society has seen a new wave of accounts becoming public from brave women and men testifying to the acts of sexual harassment and assault that men in powerful positions have committed against them. These accounts have implicated many who serve in our government, including myself. To those women how have come forth with their stories of how my behavior towards them in the past has left them feeling uncomfortable and even violated, I would like to simply say, I’m sorry. Period. I. Am. Sorry. I am sorry for what I did. And to all women, I am sorry that we have sustained a structure in our society that continues to protect men in power at whatever costs and disregard the dignity of women at all levels. I am sorry that we have allowed a toxic culture of masculinity guide us to a place where women cannot feel safe in the work place or even be in many public spaces without the fear of harassment. I am sorry that it has taken so long for you to feel heard.

But we hear you now.

Today I am doing what I think is right and announcing that within the coming weeks I will be resigning from my position as [Senator, Congressman, President, etc]. Serving within this institution for the last [number] years has truly been the greatest honor of my life. However, at this time, it is clear that my continued presence here would only serve to further sustain that structure that too often leaves men without consequences for their actions and leaves the victims of their actions silenced. I refuse to send that message to the many victims around this country who are waiting for justice for the acts perpetrated against them. We can do better as a country and we must do better, America. That is why I will be stepping down.

As I do though, I would like to call upon my other colleagues who are facing allegations of their own to muster up a bit of integrity and do what they know to be the right thing as well. In this moment we cannot play politics. We must seize the momentum of this movement to create environments in our workplaces and public life where all women and men feel safe and respected. In particular I call upon Judge Roy Moore to drop out of the senate race in Alabama and acknowledge the credibility of his accusers. You, sir, have no place in leadership if you have left teenage girls questioning their worth and hurting emotionally. Similarly, I call upon President Donald Trump to immediately cease discrediting his own accusers and stop lying about the many times that he has admitted in the past to finding joy in the sexual assault of women. It’s true that the American people knew this about you and yet still voted in great enough numbers that you were able to be elected by the Electoral College to the presidency. But I would ask that you would cooperate with a full investigation into the at least 16 accusations of sexual harassment and assault against you and agree to take appropriate steps as a consequence of their findings. And if those investigations find President Trump guilty of sexual crimes, and he does not do the right thing by resigning himself, then I call upon members of Congress to do what they know to be right by pursuing impeachment. And if, by chance, the investigation did indeed find that all of those accusers were lying as President Trump claims they are, then at least we would know that we did the right thing in taking them seriously enough to investigate. It’s never a waste of time or resources to take such claims seriously, especially when we are talking about the one position within our society that should be held to the highest of standards, the presidency.

We claim to be a country based on liberty, but as long as powerful men continue to think that they have a right to touch a woman however they want, or to force a woman to kiss them, or to expect any kind of sexual interaction with a woman, then we are betraying our promise to Liberty for those women and for our country. Now is the time to make the change! We are on the precipice of creating a real transformation in our society regarding this issue. It’s time to stand up for accountability, integrity, and respect for women and all people in the workplace and throughout society. If we don’t start by cleaning up our own home here in government, then we can never expect change to follow in other sectors. In fact, many other sectors have already taken the lead on this and we are the ones lagging behind in our response because we value power over integrity. For far too long we have been the ones standing in the way of such a breakthrough. We have been the ones silencing the victims, justifying our actions, and paying settlements to try to make it all go away. The voices of this movement have made it clear that they are not going away and they will not be kept silent!

Today I encourage all of you who are still holding on to your story to speak out! You will be heard and supported. I echo what Senator Al Franken said, I may be giving up my seat here in the [Senate, House, etc] but I am not giving up my voice. To all of my fellow men who are serving in government, and in leadership positions across sectors, I would like to simply say, quit being perverts. Taking advantage of women and those under your leadership doesn’t make you stronger. It doesn’t make you funnier or sexier. It doesn’t make you better. It makes you pathetic and sad and disgusting. So just stop. And for the many Americans out there who are witnessing this movement right now and wondering what they can do, as well as to those who are speaking their truths through their accounts, I encourage you to run for office. I have a feeling there will be some more vacancies opening up. For too long power has been concentrated in the hands of too few and too many rich white men like myself keep thinking that it’s somehow owed to us. We need your voices in the halls of power to guide this country to a brighter future. A future where all of our sons and daughters understand what consent is and what respect truly means. A future where a woman knows her rights and isn’t afraid to stand up for them. A future where #MeToo can become a response to incredible accomplishments and noble pursuits rather than traumatic encounters. Where more and more women can say, “I am going to become a Senator, a Congresswoman, the President,” and throngs of other women can respond back, “Me Too!” Where even one female hotel employee can sit down on the bus next to a female restaurant employee and say, “I feel safe at work.” and the other can respond, “Me Too.” Where a woman can stand up and say, “I am powerful. I am in control of my own body and my own choices. I am worthy. And I am free.” And every other woman in this country can confidently respond back, “Me Too!”

To close today, I want to thank women like Tarana Burke who started the Me Too movement and others like Alyssa Milano and Ashley Judd who used their celebrity to bring the movement to a much wider audience. And to all of the women out there, of which there are far too many to name, who have used their voice to add to the chorus, yes even those who spoke out against me. My career as a [Senator, Congressman, etc] may be ending but this experience has forced me to interrogate my own actions in a way that I know will make me a better man in the end. I want to thank all of my colleagues here in the [Senate, House, Supreme Court, etc] who have worked alongside me for these [number] years. Serving alongside you has been a privilege. I want to thank the great people of the state of [your state] for electing me and giving me the opportunity to serve them. I hope for the most part that I have made you proud. And I want to thank my family [wife, kids, etc.] for standing by me through it all. Finally, I want to thank the leadership for allowing me the time to speak today. Thank you.