Month: August 2021

Announcing New Podcast: The White Man’s Guide to Ruining Haiti

To All of My Dear Green Mango Blog Readers,

I have an exciting new way for you to get all of the best commentary from me on the nonsense of white people playing games with the country of Haiti and its people. I have started a new podcast titled, “The White Man’s Guide to Ruining Haiti”. It is essentially The Green Mango Blog, but in podcast form. So if you have enjoyed reading my blog over the years, I guarantee that you will enjoy this new podcast. I will be telling stories from my own personal experiences in Haiti that I’ve never shared before, but I will also be discussing current issues facing Haiti including politics, religion, art, and so much more. Through it all I’ll be taking an honest look at what the consequences of white audacity in the country’s affairs is and has been over the years. Be warned: I will absolutely be calling out actions and behaviors that I see to be harmful by foreigners who like to muck things up with their good intentions. This is a conversation to discuss what better ways of engagement there might be for us white folks in a place like Haiti, and what hopeful paths forward might exist for us to continue to support our Haitian brothers and sisters in their continued fight for full liberation. But I also hope that it can just be a fun space to celebrate all of the joy and freedom that can be found when one makes a genuine attempt to more deeply understand Haiti and dive into the richness that Haitian life has to offer.

All of that and more on “The White Man’s Guide to Ruining Haiti”! And don’t worry, it won’t be just me yammering on about my own opinions, but I plan to bring others into the conversation as well and welcome other guests onto the show who have their own unique experiences and stories from Haiti to share and learn from. (Don’t expect that in the first few episodes while I still am figuring out how to navigate this new platform for myself, but in the near future, I will have some great guests.)

So, if all of this sounds good to you, go listen to Episode 1: Group Showers in So-Called Slums, now on Spotify and Anchor. It will also be available on Apple podcasts soon, but that one just takes a little longer to publish. I will make sure to announce it when it’s up on Apple through my social media, so make sure that you’re following me on Instagram, Twitter, and elsewhere to get the latest updates. Then follow, like, rate, review, subscribe, share, and tell all of your friends! Do all the things that people do with podcasts to help me get the word out and get more listeners drawn into the conversation. Then, if you like what you hear, and have any comments, please get in touch and send me a message with your thoughts. I’d love to hear from you and know what you think.

Thank you all who have been loyal readers of this blog ever since I made that first post about the fashion crimes of mission teams in Haiti! I hope you’ll join me on this new journey as well.

Love and Good Vibes to You All,