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  1. i just found your blog. love.
    i am an artist working in Gonaives. Friends with Shelley and Corrigan Clay.
    i wanted to share this note i wrote on my fb page back in June this year. Thought you might appreciate !

    Best of all great ideas and strong courage to you !

    Kathy Brooks
    June 10

    A picture is worth … or maybe not? at first glance you see naked black kid and some little feet on the wall behind him. Poor? Orphan? Desperate? But what the real story is this is Kesney, Mafi and Jackyby’s son. And he is one of the most blessed kids i know.

    He is naked because that is what you get to be when you get home from school in your shiny black shoes and ADORABLE red and yellow uniform. And promptly shed all that nonsense and get down to serious play with your buddies. Clothes Optional.

    They play right across from our workshop and i find myself mesmerized watching them.

    The other day he was in the yard ” building a stick house ” for their duck. He had on little whity tidy underwear and was trying intensively to get his dad’s measuring tape to clip on. Oh the precious scene! Mafi and i stood there and laughed and laughed watching his determination. His wanting to be like his dad! By the way, most of us who know his dad would like to be a bit more like him, too! Ha!

    What i see in this picture is a really healthy kid with great parents who love each other and love him dearly. He lives in a household of faith and integrity. He has an older sister who is awesome at puzzles (her teacher told me!) and a baby brother who is about the happiest healthiest child you’ve ever seen. His mom hand washes their clothes, like most moms in this the less dirty ones the better. Hence. He is naked,. Soon this will be much easier as they are putting in a well in their own yard…no more carrying 5 gallon buckets 200 yards! But i imagine clothes will still be optional for him even after the well is up and running.

    A pic is worth something. But sometimes the whole story must be told

  2. those that know you understand where you are coming from, been there and done that, wrote or said something I wish I would or could have said differently. When upset I found that if I write a letter to them giving them the “what for” I tear it up. Write another one the next day, wait a few days, read the letter, tear it up. write a new one and tear it up and forget it. Has always worked for me. Another get action for removing stress and anger, roll up a news paper and go out and beat on a fruit tree. Works out your anger and shocks the tree into new growth and production of more fruit. Just don’t do it when anyone can see you!

  3. Hello, I came across your blog post “Top 10 fashion Crimes Committed” trying to discover what would be appropriate for my trip to Haiti. I have come across quite a bit, but nothing as refreshing as your honesty. So grateful to have found your blog, I keep reading and it is really helpful and illuminating.

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